The gaming market

the gaming marketThe gaming market is extremely global and multi-faceted. It is a very popular form of entertainment around the world. There are many companies in the industry. Strong focus is required for industry success. Land-based and online/mobile gaming continue to converge. The focus is on the player – to provide the best entertainment in any form – be that on a gaming machine or computer or smartphone.

Land-based gaming operates in a multitude of sectors – such as the casino arcade or pub sector. Sometimes the gaming machines can be tailored to the individual sector, sometimes they require completely separate solutions. A great deal of components make up these machines. Gaming machine networking is becoming increasingly important for gaming operates to have the right accountability for their company. Furthermore, system networks offer great new marketing possibilities for operators to reach players.

The video lottery terminal (VLT) market is being turned to in every more countries. These VLTs are connected directly to financial / government tax offices – providing what every tax officer is looking for –namely complete transparency.

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