PR & advertising

PR and advertisingAre you an innovative company that is all about creating new solutions and bringing them to market? Are you successful in your home market and wish to globalise your sales? Do you wish to outsource your marketing needs to an expert company that has proven success? Are you looking for a cost-effective way to direct your message to the business world?

If you are, then Carroll Consulting could be the right company for you.

We create press articles to bond PR into a successful marketing strategy.

Our PR strategy is dynamic to build your company reputation and increase customer loyalty:

  1. We work closely together with our clients to understand the messages that PR needs to give and the desired results that PR can bring
  2. We then write the articles – and in such a way to draw reader attention. The PR is written in such a way that the sales team can quote these articles to customers to validate their sales messages. That is why we say we are an indirect salesperson for your business.
  3. We work together with the industry press on a global scale, cherry-picking the best industry media to advertise in.
  4. We keep our customers informed of when and how the PR is published. This feedback keeps you updated and shows the great return-on-investment for your communications strategy.